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The existing socio-economic order is unsustainable (as well as being unjust and inhumane), so unless we want a ruthless mother nature to do it for us, we have no choice but to replace it with one that is sustainable (and while we are about it, also just and humane).

But where to start?

As I've explained elsewhere, man in an animal, Earth's "Greatest Ape", whose behavioural programming evolved to secure his and his family group's survival and advantage in the natural environment (which also included other groups of humans). On their own, outside of the group, human beings are weak and far from being the planet's dominant species. In groups, however, with the culture they develop and pass on from generation to generation, they are more than a match for any other animal. Thus we have become Earth's dominant species - so much so that we are now a threat to all species, including our own.

There is no such thing as a "self-made man" (or woman). We are all absolutely dependent on the society in which we live, even the rugged individualist. It's just that money is used - or rather, misused - to create the impression that those who have enough of it are independent.

We depend on the group, and the group depends on us. The history of civilisation is very largely the history of group dynamics. Individuals or groups of individuals (or families) have always sought to control their own particular group (in the form of oligarchy, monarchy, dictatorship etc) for their own advantage.

As primates, we are programmed to respect power, whether in the form of a fist, a sword, a gun or a wad of bank notes.

In a civilised society like our own, generally one no longer has to fear the power of the fist, the sword or the gun, because we have the power of the law to protect us. The power of money, however, is a threat and motivation to us all.