DRAFT VOLUNTARY ID FILE  (still under construction)

Roger's Workshop 
@ Spaceship Earth


Name Roger Anthony Hicks  
Sex Male  
Racial type/origin North European  
Sexual orientation Heterosexual
Date of birth May 1949  
Place of birth London  
Photograph See biographical sketch below  
Iris scan Link (restricted)  
Finger scan Link (restricted)  
DNA profile Link (restricted)  
Biographical sketch Link
Political affiliation Roger's World (my own politico-religious construction - still in the planning phase)  
Religion Roger's World
Nationality Historically and provisionally "British"  
Current place of residence (address) Barkingside in NE London (details restricted)  
Vocation Developing and helping to implement ideas for an alternative socio-economic order rooted in man's more enlightened human nature to replace the existing, non-sustainable one rooted in our animal nature.  
Job/source of income I do a bit of translation work (German to English), but living with my elderly mother and with no family or extravagant lifestyle to support am able to manage on a very low income.
Homepage www.spaceship-earth.org  
Email rah@spaceship-earth.org  
Telephone Link (restricted)  

Relating to my ecological footprint, i.e. the number of straws I am placing on the Camel's back (see The straw(s) that broke the camel's back), the drain and strain I am placing of our planet's limited resources and finite carrying capacity:

Lifestyle Link  
Source of income work as freelance translator  
Income less than 10,000/a  
Savings less than 6000 with "ethical" German Gemeinschaftsbank  
Investments None  
  • Air travel (km flown in past 2 years: 1400km)
  • car travel (c. 2200 km per annum)
  • I cycle and walk as much as possible
At the moment I am making a virtue of necessity: I cannot afford to travel very much.

I share my mother's Vauxhall Corsa, which I make occasional use of for myself.

Annual electricity consumption (1/10/02 - 30/9/03) 1655 kWh/person in 2-person household from renewable energy (N-Power "Juice")
Annual gas consumption (1/10/02 - 30/9/03) 660 m3/person in 2-person household natural gas for central heating, hot water and cooking