The "philosophy of the pot " is a philosophy and ideology which insists that race (ethnic origins) is, or should be, of little to no personal, social or political importance, except to "racists", like the Nazis (who took it to criminally insane extremes, basing their ideology of a Germanic master race on it), the opportunistic association with which enables the state to claim a spurious, but politically extremely useful, "moral high ground" for itself and those who embrace and identify with it.

In a land where "colourblindness " (indifference to ethnic difference) is state ideology, the "colourblind " (or those who can feign it) are KINGS (or knights), looking down on their "moral inferiors", whom they are ever ready to dismiss and condemn as "racists", should they show any signs of deviating from it. This has resulted in western society now being dominated by the "philosophy and ideology of the pot ", of "colourblindness", or of "race doesn't matter", just as in medieval times it was dominated by Christian (Church) ideology, which also served  society's dominant and ruling elites by providing them with the "moral high ground " to legitimise their claims to authority, power and privilege, and which everyone who wanted to get on in society (depending on their profession, but often anyone wanting to avoid disadvantage or persecution) had to embrace as well, or at least pay lip-service to.

This ideology of the pot is the exact, but equally extreme, opposite of Nazi racial ideology, which initially, in the light of Nazi horrors, it was an understandable overreaction to (as well as to the injustice and inhumanity of Jim Crow and Apartheid). It was quickly consolidated, however, in this extreme, overreactive, form by political and economic opportunism (e.g. politicians and others, especially in the media, using it to claim the "moral high ground " for themselves, and the advantages which go with it, i.e. avoid the disadvantages of not doing so; it was also used to combat objections to mass immigration as a source of cheap foreign labour, of advantage both to the state and capital).

Why certain (especially multi-ethnic) states have embraced the philosophy and ideology of the pot is clear: it provides them with the "moral high ground" essential to legitimising their authority (power) over all their citizens.

"Contrapot " is the view that race DOES matter, that it is, or certainly can be (as I will argue presently), of central and profound importance (when not suppressed and denied, even to oneself, as state ideology and morality currently demands) for an individual's sense of personal and group identity, and thus has very important social and political implications which need to be recognised and faced up to - no matter how inconvenient for the state and the socio-political status quo, before resurgent, rightwing, nationalist (quite possibly extreme and genuinely racist) parties exploit them to gain power, which they will almost certainly otherwise do.