On the urgent need to place our civilisation on a more enlightened and rational Darwinian basis, as opposed to the unrecognized, perverted and misplaced Darwinian basis it rests on now


At the moment, society, i.e. its power structures, embodied in state and economy, is rooted in a misplaced (in the artificial environment of human society itself), perverted and unrecognized (because rationalized by our prodigious "prime ape" brain) continuation of man's primordial Darwinian struggle for survival, advantage and "success" (now largely reduced to the pursuit of POWER, i.e. money, social and professional status, etc), thus making all attempts, no matter how sincere, at creating a more just, humane and sustainable world utterly and inherently unachievable.
In short, until we recognise the misplaced and perverted Darwinian nature of our own civilisation, it is doomed (because of its inherent propensity to ruthlessly exploit both its natural and human environment) to self-destruct.
There is no getting away from our Darwinian nature (notwithstanding that most persist in denying it), but it doesn't have to drive us to self-destruction, as it is now; not if we recognise and face up to it, thereby learning to direct it in more enlightened and rational (instead of blind and rationalized) fashion.
The biggest obstacle to achieving this is the taboo against applying Darwin's BIG IDEA to human society, especially on the part of the STATE and so-called PROGRESSIVES, whose claim to the moral high ground (and the social, political and economic advantages which go with it), in no small degree, is based (misconceived but usually sincerely and well-meaningly) on defending and upholding it.