Re:    Frustrating Nature's attempts to help us by reducing the birth rate
Date:  Sunday 29 January 06

Dear Sir/Madam,
The article, "German women told: we need more babies", in yesterday's Daily Telegraph made me feel like crying.

Nature tries to help us by reducing the birth rate on our overpopulated continent, and what do those in power and authority (even the head of the German Institute for Applied Demography, who really should know better) - the idiots! - do ? They encourage women to have more babies! Or, as an alternative, they want more immigration. Both are complete madness!

The impact of human activity on our planet is rapidly depleting its finite supply of natural resources, disrupting its climate, and damaging its life-supporting ecosystems. The more people there are the greater this impact will become. Yet we merrily persist, and insist on increasing our numbers and impact on the planet.

This is an insanity and madness of such magnitude that because we are standing so close it (i.e. in it), we cannot see.

A few people, like myself, can see it and are desperately trying to point it out, but no one is listening (or rather, wants to hear). You look at us as if we were the ones who are mad.