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2 Feb In response to question of who benefits from the UK's benefits system?
2 Feb Understanding the MADNESS of multi-racial/multicultural society
10 Jan The "Triple  Alliance" between capital, the state, and the political left
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30 Dec A "Titanic" example of sexual morality
12 Dec In response to Telegraph article on creating a new Union (British) flag
17 Nov What the political Left has in common with the the far Right and with the medieval church 
5 Nov Power politics and the slur of "racism" in defence of the "moral high ground"
25 Sept Gordon Brown's speech: What a load of nationalistic bollocks!
18 August A fundamental flaw in our financial and economic system?
14 August Climate change and media dependency on the status quo
6 August On race, nationalism, identity, etc.
4 August The root cause of man's inhumanity to his fellow man and animal
22 July Dealing with intimidation in the name of Allah
20 July Global economics has same growth curve as culture of microorganisms
20 July Exploiting prejudice by interpreting it as racism
20 July The importance of history for personal and group identity
15 July State and economic interest in national and global miscegenation
11 July The folly of equating prejudice with RACISM
10 July Ban Ki-moon's MADNESS in encouraging mass migration
5 July Social Darwinism is real and driving us towards catastrophe
5 July The primary function of the nation state is not to serve, but to exploit society
2 July The psychology behind  mass immigration and multi-racial/multicultural society
29 June The existing socio-economic environment is an evolutionary cul-de-sac
26 June A more rational concept of God and religion
25 June All we need do is identify and organize ourselves - and the revolution can begin!
23 June In praise of chastity rings
17 June The super-rich are a symptom of a sick society
16 June Who is honouring whom when the nation bestows an honour?
15 June The "Uncertainty Principle" of human knowledge and understanding
15 June The opposing roles and dilemma of a "free" press and media
11 June The inherent unjustness, inhumanity and non-sustainability of capitalism
10 June The importance of Nazism and ethnicity for British national identity
10 June The "racist mace" and how it is used for social, political or economic gain
8 June The importance of religion for individual and group psychology
8 June Thinking about the reorganization and restructuring of society, and replacing the nation state
6 June Britishness, identity and the nation state
5 June Not just tobacco, but all industries are bound to give absolute priority to economics
5 June The dragon of free-market capitalism cannot be tamed
4 June A warning to Muslims, the overreaction to Nazi evil, and the superficiality of "British identity"
4 June Why nuclear power is bad for us
3 June Immigration and Britain's rapidly changing ethnic composition
1 June Thinking beyond monarchy and the nation state
1 June A simple, quite obvious explanation - once you recognise it - for the mess we are in
30 May An "ugly heart" to go with the "ugly face" of capitalism
30 May The Internet, biometrics and the grass-roots democratic self-organization of society
25 May  You cannot compare America and Europe when it comes to immigrants and immigration
24 May The Arab-Israeli conflict, group identity and man's animal nature
24 May Turning to nuclear energy is like a child playing with matches
24 May A comparison between human (Western) civilization and a culture of microorganisms
23 May Denying the importance (if not existence) of race, and other insanities of normality
11 May One possible source of so-called "race hatred"
11 May An explanation and alternative for the "rat race"
9 May Atheism, religion, identity and replacing the nation state
6 May An amnesty for illegal immigrants? Definitely not! (except for the one I've befriended)
2 May Nationalism taps into the powerful emotions associated with group identity
27 April Why is Britain still a Monarchy?
27 April The wider implications of (the tobacco) industry's disregard for human life
26 April Britain is already natively and unsustainably overpopulated
24 April The problem with "representative democracy" is that it is not very democratic
17 April UN Security Council acknowledging the importance of global climate change for security
17 April  Why Reith lecturer, Jeffrey Sachs, is an internationally-renowned economist and advisor to many governments
29 March Xenophobia, familiaphilia, and not just race, nation or football team, but also ideologies as in-groups
20 March Dissolution of the nation state
19 March  Herbert Gruhl said it all: "Ein Planet wird geplundert" (The Planet is Being Plundered)
18 March The madness that opposes natural population decline
6 March The importance of "honour" and "respect" in determining human behaviour and shaping society
27 Feb The analogy of free-market consumer capitalism as a form of CANCER
26 Feb Nuclear non-proliferation requires Britain and France seeking a way to place their national deterrents under an acceptable form of international control
21 Feb Ethnicity, history, identity and the State
20 Feb Riding the capitalist dragon to our doom
19 Feb How can race not matter, when it relates so profoundly to our own ancestral origins?
16 Feb  Government spends MONEY on communities" that MONEY has made redundant
15 Feb The "Sustainability Problem" - in a nutshell!
13 Feb After c. 14 billion years of cosmic evolution, is humankind to commit self-genocide?
12 Feb A better "model" of society
8 Feb Slow down, you move too fast, We gotta make resources last . . .
8 Feb THEM and US: the BADDIES on the "Right" and the GOODIES on the "Left"
6 Feb People's Parliament
4 Feb When are we going to wake up to the ROOT CAUSE of the "Sustainability Problem"?
30 Jan The Sun newspaper, "racism" and the illusion of British identity
30 Jan The main points I wanted to make on Home Planet about the "Sustainability Problem"
27 Jan Driven by LOVE and VANITY to save the planet
26 Jan By driving mass migration, globalization is destroying human, as well as bio, diversity
25 Jan Why is "racism" blighting our societies?
24 Jan  Some races mix more easily than others
24 Jan What I dislike most about the BBC
24 Jan National identity: a myth to justify and help maintain the power structures of the nation state
23 Jan The 2012 Olympics: just ANOTHER distraction from the "Sustainability Problem"
22 Jan
20 Jan Defending the "moral high ground" by demonizing others as "racist"
18 Jan Two questions for the participants at this year's Davos Meeting
18 Jan Why does German Justice Minister want to make Holocaust denial a crime?
17 Jan The Internet's future effect on government and democracy
17 Jan The challenge of recognising the root cause of global warming
15 Jan The standard model of socio-economic reality is fundamentally flawed, self-deluding and self-serving
15 Jan The fast moving train of free-market capitalism is heading towards a broken bridge
13 Jan The myth of British identity, and dwelling on white men's guilt for slavery
13 Jan Gordon Brown's idea of "British identity" is not my own
12 Jan Politics and leadership from an evolutionary, anthropological perspective
8 Jan Higher status of lighter skin colour and the "melting pot" of multi-racial/multicultural society
4 Jan The social sciences' medieval models of social reality
1 Jan Identity, the nation state and ANARCHY

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