Re: Global warming is just a symptom of an underlying malady
Date: Saturday, 9 April 05


Dear Nicholas (Mr Kristof),
The biggest threat we face is not global warming (as you suggest in today's NYT, "Nuks are Green"), which - notwithstanding its seriousness - is just one symptom of an underlying malady: a growth-dependent economy and grossly materialistic lifestyles rooted in man's "more animal than human " nature, thus making them fundamentally non-sustainable on a planet with approaching 7 billion inhabitants, but limited resources and a finite carrying capacity.
In view of what Charles Darwin taught us about our animal origins, this should not surprise us; but just like Christian fundamentalists, we are refusing to face up to it. 

Why? Because it also undermines many of OUR core beliefs; not religious, but religiously held, relating to the economy, our way of life and material aspirations. There are in fact more and stronger forces keeping us from facing up to the truth than there are keeping Christian fundamentalists from doing so.

But if we want our children and coming generations to have any kind of a future, that is what we have to do. And to be quick about it.

Yours sincerely

Roger Hicks

P.S. Nuclear energy is not Green, but much too dangerous in the hands of Earth's Greatest Ape, who prematurely named himself Homo sapiens, when Homo stupidus economicus would have been far more appropriate.