Re: Recognising corruption, even when it's legal
Date: Wednesday 6 July 05



Dear Editor,

What is it they say about power?

Money is the most versatile form of power, so we should not be surprised at its ability to corrupt.

In today's NYT (“Where 25 Million Is Merely Average”) an eyebrow is raised at the enormous salaries that company executives pay themselves - justified, of course, by the “natural laws” of market forces: $25 million a year simply being what a company like Morgan Stanley has to pay for a top executive . . .

How convenient it is to have a “natural law” with which to justify pocketing a salary more than 500 times the size of one's fellow, hard-working citizens, some of them putting themselves in harms way to protect your way of life.

Just to raise an eyebrow seems to me rather a shy reaction to such gross and shameful corruption.

It is legally endorsed corruption, which lies at the very heart of (not just, but especially) American society.